Career College Bhopal is the best private college in Bhopal for MBA. It is the best arts college in Bhopal and also the top mca college in Bhopal.

Student Satisfaction Research Unit

SSRU Result 


SSRU Cell helps the faculty members of the college to analyze their performance from students' perspectives to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Only a few top MCA colleges offer this. It has facilities that approve it to be the best management college in Bhopal

Following Are The Objectives Of SSRU Cell-

  • Evaluate the performance of faculties.
  • Find the satisfaction level of students.
  • Guide the teachers to be most effective.
  • Empower both teachers and students to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning.

To achieve these objectives institution has developed software.

This Software Facilitates Student To Give Feedback On Five Important Teaching-Learning Parameters That Are As Follows:-

  • The ability of the faculty to explain a topic.
  • Coverage of syllabus by the faculty
  • Regularity & Punctuality of the faculty
  • Communication skills of the faculty
  • Control over the class by the faculty


It proves to be the best private college in Bhopal as it believes in transparency and opinions. Feedback is a valuable tool to ensure the overall quality of the teaching-learning process in the institute. Feedback gives an insight, enable: and exercise in learning rather than the quantitative measure of how well you have done in your assigned activity.

The college has established Student Satisfaction Research Unit Cell in the year 2003. The unit wants to ensure the Quality of Education for students to fulfill their goals. It is our college's policy that each faculty/department shall have its subject-specific marking criteria that will be framed as per the college's generic marking criteria. Feedback occurs at all times throughout degree courses informal settings. This college policy addresses only feedback provided concerning teaching-learning assessments.


Head Mr. Mohd Rashid Department of Computer Science
Co- Head Mr. Devesh Kumar Mathur Department of Commerce
Members Mrs. Karuna Nidhi Pandagre Department of Computer Science
Dr. Ruchi Acharya Department of Botany
Mrs. Namrata Srivastava Department of Physiotherapy
Mr. Praveen Thakre Department of Library & Info. Sc.


  •   A notification is circulated to obtain date, time and class strength to acquire feedback from students of respective departments.
  •   Cell member makes database in software for each class after the collection of data.
  •   The Head of the concerned department directs their students to take part in SSRU as per the time-table.
  •   All the instructions are explained to the students by the concerned cell members.
  •   Unique ID and password is provided to the students for the feedback to maintain the anonymity.
  •   The students are required to login with their unique id and password to enter the SSRU software.
  •   Software depicts the names of the faculties along with their respective subjects.
  •   Student clicks the submit feedback button at the end of final submission of feedback.
  •   After submission of feedback, student gets a message “your feedback has been submitted successfully HAVE A GOOD DAY”.
  •   Students must log out the session using logout button before leaving the computer.
  •   At the end of the process, software generates an analysis report of faculty.
  • Final report is discussed with Principal and concerned faculty for improvement by taking corrective measures suggested to them when required.