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Life is a chemical reaction; it requires Calibration & Balancing and that is the aim of Department of Chemistry This department was established in July 1998 and has a team of highly qualified and efficient faculties enriched with professional and research attitude. Chemistry is the study of matter and the transformations that occur in material things. It is the Basic Science that is fundamental and kernel to the study of all other Sciences. In a complex and changing world, chemistry is an integral part of all studies. They are vital in our everyday lives and will be vital in helping the world respond to some of its biggest challenges. Chemistry has emerged as an interdisciplinary science and become a Nucleus of all branches of science and technology from allied chemistry to applied chemistry, environmental chemistry to green chemistry, nanotechnology to microbiology, astrophysics to biotechnology, mathematics to computer, commerce to management and many more.

Department is unique in terms of State -of- the- art infrastructure for research and academics with highly qualified, Experienced and Research Oriented Faculty

Department is recognized research centre affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal. CRICS (Career Research Institute in Chemical Sciences) is complimenting the motive of institution by fostering research intensive environment for cutting-edge research. CRICS is enriched with research atmosphere to nurture the same in its scholars to pursue world class research.

The objectives of department are: -

  • To Foster Research Intensive Environment
  • To intensify research activities
  • To seek substantial financial research funding
  • To expand the State-of-the-Art infrastructure
  • To reinforce interdisciplinary research
  • To Pursue Thematic Research on Internationally Applauded Areas
  • To Spare Science in Service of Humanity


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