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Introduction/ Eligibility

The Dept. of Botany is amongst the leading departments of Career College. It specializes in the field of teaching and research in Plant Sciences. The Dept. strives towards achieving goals of excellence for which teachers in particular need to play a very responsible role. It is a long journey to tread. The session commences with the preparation of academic calendar that gives detailed information regarding the seminars, workshops, guest lectures, internships, trainings, excursion, projects, tests, assignments and presentations etc. to be organized by the Dept. Further, this calendar is adhered to achieve its objectives. The students gain a lot from these activities as these practices boost their confidence and enrich them in a number of ways. The department has also established collaborations with leading research institutes of India. A Botanical and Bonsai garden is maintained which is a witness to the glorious era of the Botany Dept. Career in Botany can be highly rewarding for those who are allured with the aesthetic beauty of nature and flora. With the challenges posed by environmental issues on existing flora, the significance and scope of Botany has widened far more than before.


The Dept. is committed to persistent improvement through following quality objectives:

The Department is committed to persistent improvement through following quality objectives

  •  The core objective of the department is to accomplish its mission.
  •  To impart quality education in all the fields of study so as to make the students acquire an in-depth knowledge of their chosen subjects.
  •  To help students make the transition from technical competence / theoretical knowledge acquired by them to a practical dimension of learning and application to real-life situations.
  •  To give an all-round development to the students’ personality and bring out the perfection in them.
  •  To make the students competent to survive in the world of challenges once they complete their course.
  • To transform the students into mature individuals and true global citizens.

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