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Physiotherapy “The Movement Therapy”

Physiotherapy itself reveals that any form of therapeutic interventions through physical means. Physiotherapy doesn’t required introductory repo now days. It is more than a noble profession or you may say that it’s a need of a present scenario. Physiotherapy deals almost with every kind of ailments as a supportive therapy which enhances the recovery by decreasing the total time of healing

Physiotherapy has many form of working for example it works right from the prevention went through intervention and concluded after rehabilitation. It deals both in Electro-therpy as well as Exercise-therapy as its main branches. Physiotherapy further gets its wing through specialization in pediatric, Neurology, Orthopedics, cardio-thoracic, gynecology, sports and rehabilitation medicine.

Department of Physiotherapy in Career College is complete rehabilitative unit. Here we provide treatments for various patients in the comfortable environment by trained and skillful therapist in the different time zones, which is very effective for academic purpose. Students gets ample of Live cases to observe which is helpful for them in their curriculum which is the perfect example of academics and as well as clinical. Students have comfortable environment to learn all minute to major skills of their syllabus.


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