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Procedures and Policies for Maintenance of Infrastructure and Learning Resources

The college has an Infrastructure cell that looks after regular maintenance and proper utilization of academic and support facilities of the college campus. The cell submits its report to the Principal and IQAC. The major issues are discussed in IQAC meetings. In these meetings, priorities are fixed and important decisions are referred to the management for necessary approvals. The vast courses, curricula of diverse subjects such as laws and management need adequate funds. For the upkeep and maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment every year funds are allocated. It takes integrity and hard work to be among the top 10 colleges in Bhopal and to become the best management college in Bhopal.

The college has constituted a purchase committee headed by a senior faculty member that takes quarterly reviews of the facilities/services. The report is put forth in the meetings of the purchase committee, chaired by the Principal. After receiving permission from the IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) and Governing body, the purchase or maintenance expenses are utilized as per the predetermined procedures. Day-to-day maintenance and care is taken by the administrative office in consultation with the Principal. There is a full-time supervisor available on the campus who is responsible for monitoring the maintenance of the infrastructural facilities available. It includes the cleaning of the entire college campus and other infrastructure facilities. Classrooms, restrooms and washrooms are maintained and cleaned by the support staff twice daily. The college has specified places for keeping the sensitive and supportive equipment like water purifiers, water cooler, and also takes care of plumbing maintenance, generator, furniture, and masonry jobs. The annual cleaning of water tanks and window panels is carried out through a hired contractor. The Infrastructure Cell supervises the maintenance work. The contractor deputes technically-qualified people, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, civil workers, carpenters, and painters to look after the maintenance and repair as per schedule.

  • Building Maintenance: It includes repairs of damages, occasional painting of the infrastructure to ensure safety and comfort of everyone studying and working at Career College Bhopal. The details of building maintenance involve cleaning of the water supply line and drainage line on a periodic basis while painting of buildings and benches are done annually. As per the need, correction of leakage and water faucet, renovation and repair is done from time to time.


  • Library Maintenance: The Library Cell is responsible with the senior librarian who looks after regular maintenance such as raising purchase order of books, procurement of books, and maintenance of valuable materials and so on. Library cell takes requirements from departments.


  • Computer Maintenance: The college has an IT Committee in charge of maintenance and repairing. Hardware and software agencies are constantly involved in the upgrading of computer systems with the inclusion of the latest configuration software and IT applications. Our Cloud-enabled campus has the advantage of the Microsoft Edu-Cloud Program, Microsoft Volume Licensing and applications by Microsoft are purchased on an annual basis. This licensing program includes more than 280 software of Microsoft for the faculty members and the students of the college. A computer maintenance register is used for keeping an account of the repairs and services. The college website is maintained on a contractual basis by the Website Cell.


  • Laboratories Maintenance: The laboratories are looked after by the respective laboratory assistants under the guidance of Heads of the Department. The laboratory staff carefully keeps an eye on the maintenance and repair of the instruments. Certain equipment and different types of machinery are maintained through annual maintenance contracts with respective supplier companies. As per the strength of the students and to keep our labs updated, every year new equipment is purchased as needs arise.


  • Electrical Maintenance: College has appointed an electrician who maintains electrical equipment and electricity supply system.


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