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Guest Lecture Cum Short Term Training Program

Dept. of Biotechnology and Biochemistry organized a Guest Lecture and Short Term Training Program from 12th Dec. 2019 to 17th Dec. 2019 on the topic “Bioinformatics and Computer Application in Biology” by Dr. Kushali Manoria, MANIT, Bhopal. She explained how Bioinformatics is useful for computational approach to analyze, manage and store biological data. The research in biotechnology especially that involving sequence data management and drug design occurred at a speedy rate due to development of bioinformatics. She explained that a number of tools and softwares are present for analysis and interpretation of biological complexity. There are number of applications of Bioinformatics such as Sequence Analysis and Alignment, Molecular Modeling, Docking, Annotation and Dynamic Simulation to accelerate the biotechnological research. She explained the importance of bioinformatics in various fields of biotechnology viz. genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, cheminformatics, climate change studies, drug discovery and development, waste cleanup, bio-energy, crop improvement, veterinary sciences, forensic sciences and bio-defense. Students interacted with the resource person and got to know the use of various tools and its interpretation in detail. Approximately 30 UG and PG students participated in this training program.


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