Career College Bhopal


Mr. Jitendra Rai
Officer QA (Microbiologist) Sun Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

I would like to thank the faculty and management of Career College, Bhopal for their wonderful efforts to groom us for our future. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I have a lifetime of good memories, great experience of learning with academic exposure to reputed industries and institutions and hands-on workshops and training programs in DNA analysis, Bioinformatics, Medical Microbiology. I have great respect, love, and devotion for the entire faculty members and Department of Microbiology. Proud to be associated with my respected teachers Dr. Reena Antony and Dr. Bhupendra Prasad who still mentor and guide me.

Ms. Shristi Patel
Absolute Biotech.Pvt Ltd Gurugram, India

I sincerely thank Department of Microbiology, Career College, Bhopal for preparing me for my career ahead as a Microbiologist. The faculty and staff have a genuine interest in teaching and a true passion for working with students. The entire curriculum and advising system is designed to help you succeed. My teachers Dr. Reena Antony and Dr. Bhupendra Prasad have been instrumental to me in learning Laboratories procedures and protocols which are required in any industry as a Microbiology graduate.

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