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Why Career College?


  • Tanvi Chourasia (Alumni BCA)


    As I am a student of Career College, Bhopal where I have spent 2 most important years of my life from 2014-2017. The college has supported each and every student by conducting regular activities such as Personality Development, English speaking classes by PADC, Self defence classes for girls by WEC etc. It also gives Certificate and Trophy to motivate student to excel in studies as well as other activities in the next session. Cash reward is provided to meritorious student, University Toppers as well as class toppers. From 1st year the faculty members of T&P Cell help students in such a way that they are fully prepared and polished to face campus placements and crack it successfully. I am lucky to have taken admission in this college.


    I am Vishal Kushwaha (BCA final year student). I am here to share my college experience that I have had in the last 2 years. I took admission in 2014 and I remember my first day in college. I had no confidence in myself, lacked communication skills and I was very shy in talking to others. But, today I have grown into a confident person having good personality & knowledge and can face any competition. The college conducts various personality development classes, English language classes, training in aptitude test, GD, written test to face any campus selection drives that are held in the college or outside. Besides these, the college also conducts cultural activity, NCC and NSS camps, plantations drives by green cluster cell, anti-raging cell, PADC, SSRU and many more cells are working continuously for the wellbeing of the students. The college teachers are very supporting and help me in every way. I am very thankful and proud to be a student of Career College.

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    Career College is the best college in Bhopal city. The college environment is very secure for the students as the anti ragging cell is very active and alert. The faculty is very good and supportive and the facilities like the Sc. Lab (well-equipped) and central library (good both quantitatively and qualitatively) provides a very congenial environment in the campus. The Training and Placement Cell imparts training to face an interview at the time of campus placement. Many Curricular and Co- Curricular activities are a part of the college life in the campus. I am glad to be at this campus.

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    My name is Faizan Siddiqui (BCA 4th sem.) I am thankful to my parents and relatives for selecting Career College for me because Career College is the best college be it sports, cultural activities, study, campus placement etc. It has groomed my life in a number of ways by conducting English speaking classes, academic and personal counseling classes etc. Placement cell gives training and summer job experience. NCC & NSS camps, sports day, annual day celebration helps to draw out the best talents of the students. Faculties are very friendly and approachable. Career College provides a safe and healthy environment for excellent education for all round personality development of its students.

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    Career College is the best in Curricular and Co- Curricular activities right from first year. The staff members are very supportive to the students. It provides ragging free, well-protected environment as the college campus is under CCTV surveillance. In this campus, it is compulsory to attend classes daily as attendance is monitored regularly by the faculty. We have learnt many new skills and activities in this campus. For girls, it conducts self defence classes so that she can protect herself. And it also provides English speaking classes to improve the communication skills of the students. I am so glad to study in this college.

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    I am very proud to say that my daughter Kumari N. Samrudhi is studying in (B.Sc Plain) Career College. It is my privilege to inform that my son N.C.N.H. Sivanand who is an ex-student of same college. He completed his B.Com (Management) degree assured me about the quality of teaching of the college faculty. Their command over the subject matter and way of teaching enhances the standard of academics. Keeping in mind the above stated facts, I decided that my daughter should also study in this college. It is really noteworthy that the teachers give full attention to the studies of the students and also provide moral support to the students for getting good results. This is one of the most important factors why I chose this college for both my children and would strongly recommend the same to all the other parents.

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    I am really grateful to this wonderful team of teachers and management for their excellent work and lots of encouragement from them, my son Rohit Rawat has not only successfully passed the exam but excel in music also. I am thankful to the college fir their direct or indirect support to my son in every aspect now in one year he is confident, academically capable and self determined student. To be a happy parent I wish everyone and the Career College all the best and the Career College all the best and many more successful years to come.

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    Career College is one of the best colleges of Bhopal for academics. That’s why we have choosen this college for our daughter. We are grateful to all teachers of the department for their hard work and we really appreciate their help that they provided to my daughter from time to time. The effort put in by the teachers is commendable.

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    I appreciate the friendly atmosphere at Career College and the fact that the teachers are really close and helpful to the students. I think the facilities, laboratories, environment and the resources here are excellent, College has a very conducive learning environment. The central library as well as departmental library is rich in terms of the books available. I am really happy that my son Oshin Dhare is not only progressing in academics but in singing also. This year Oshin represented Career College in Videocon Talent Hunt and won first prize in annual function of the college. I am really happy and thankful to the college for providing such a wonderful, cultural opportunities to him. I wish Career College all the best and success in future.

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    I am an ex-student of Career College (2005-2008). Career College provides a beautiful blend of studies, cultural activities, experienced faculty and fantastic Infrastructure. The learning environment is really enriching for students to excel. I owe my success to my years at Career College for giving me such valuable and memorable experiences which has prepared me for any and every eventuality in my personal and professional life.

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    In the three years of my Graduation, my favorite place was the Bonsai Garden on the roof-top (Now on the first floor). All the teachers of Life Science are very supportive and I found them very dedicated towards teaching students and grooming their careers. As I was staying away from my hometown, I never felt homesick because Manjula Mam, HOD, of Zoology Department has been very supportive to all the students. Campus drive, public awareness programs, educational visits and training programs were some of the great experiences here. My only suggestion is that some placement company related to science stream should also be called for the benefit of Science students.

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    I was a student of Career College (B.Sc. Plain Biology). It has been a great experience for me to be at Career College. All the teachers were very supportive and helping. It has helped me in developing my skills and has enabled me to acquire knowledge and has given a new dimension to my personality. Thus, helped in enhancing my career prospects.

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    Studying in this institution was one of the best decisions I've made. The environment, culture and ambience of the college is very motivating for the students. You not only get knowledge related to your subject but also about other streams. Teachers are very supportive and have always encouraged in every possible manner. The method and techniques of teachers has always helped in improving the academics of students. Apart from studies, Co-Curricular activities help to develop the skills and talents of the students in every field. It has given a boost to my confidence and made me a better person.

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    Some of the most wonderful time of my life was spent in Career College. I’m very thankful to all faculty members, friends and various other people who helped in shaping my life and motivated me from time to time. Without them I would have been nothing. I was lucky to be taught by the best teachers and I was blessed with great friends whom I can never forget in my life.

  • Mrs. Rajini

    I underwent a road traffic accident due to which I suffered a fracture in thigh bone, for which I was operated in of the renound hospital of Bhopal. I was adviced for physiotherapy. At 1st I was taking physiotherapy in the same hospital from where I got operated but I was not satisfied, then one of my relatives came to know about CIMS physiotherapy department. I’m glad that I switched to CIMS. Here, I received proper treatment from the renound physiotherapist. They helped me walk painless in record time.

  • Mrs. Anshu Rani

    I was suffering from jaw pain since 7months & upper back, shoulder & neck pain since 3 years. There was swelling & heaviness on the left side of my face since a long period of time. I went to many doctors including Neurologists & took many medicines but got temporary relief. Then one of my doctor’s suggested me to go for physiotherapy. I went to one of the famous Govt. Hospital for 7days but I got no relief. Then I came to Department of Physiotherapy, CIMS, where I received treatment from experienced Physios & Interns. It’s because of them I’m completely relieved from my pain. Thank You CIMS.

  • Mr. K.K. Tiwari

    I’m suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (genetic disorder), due to which the joint surface of my knees & ankles got distorted. Over the period of time the disease progressed & it became very difficult for me to walk. I was already on steroid prescribed by my Orthopedic Surgeon but they were not doing any good other than increasing my weight. Then relatives suggested me to go for physiotherapy at Career College. Here, I was received treatment from dedicated physios, they treated me with manual therapy, electrotherapy, exercise therapy. Because of which my pain & joint stiffness has reduced significantly & now I can walk with ease. Thank you CIMS – Physiotherapy dept.

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