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Department Of Library & Information Science


The Department of Library and Information Science was established in the year 2000. It has conducted one-year Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.) course in 2001 the college took another leap to open M.Lib.I.Sc. and the department got an extension Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.).

Library and Information Science Today

Present era, specially the latter half of 20th century has seen an unprecedented boom in the production of documents in almost all fields of knowledge, especially in Science and Technology. The ever increasing bulk of recorded information available in book form, non-book form or electronic form together with satellite data has created a formidable phenomenon called 'Knowledge or Information Explosion' or more appropriately, 'Information Revolution'. Under the circumstances, users find themselves at their wits end to know what is published where and how to gain access to required piece of information pin pointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously. Consequently, libraries as information centers and librarians as Information Scientists have attained significant positions in the modern society.

Inadequacy of traditional methods of information handling have recently led to the growing use of computer and communication technologies in the storage and retrieval of information and its communication through various networks at local, national and international level. In fact, the traditional view of the library, as a store of information held locally, is being eroded as the library is becoming a gateway to information resources worldwide.

The computer based services that have transformed a modern library into electronic library include access to information- local and remote databases through INTERNET, INTRANET, CD Networks, e-books, e-journals, computerized in-house library operations (such as acquisition, classification, cataloguing, circulation serial control etc.) In addition to electronic mail, file transfer, Barcode and other multimedia technologies. Of late the new concept such as ‘Library without walls’, ‘Virtual Library’, ‘Electronic Library’ and ‘Digital Library’ has emerged. The resources of such libraries are available in digital form and can be accessed from any corner of the globe. These advances have not only revolutionized the discipline but also compelled the library professionals to equip themselves with the latest information and communication technologies.

Courses Offered in Library and Information Science

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.)
  • The Library and Information Science (LIS) curriculum provides for the study of theory, principles, and practices necessary for the provision of quality and professional library and information services that will make it responsive to the challenges of the new technologies keeping in with the need to make LIS professionals globally competent.

  • Second class (45%) Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University.

  • One Year after Graduation.

Master of Science in Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.)
  • The purpose of the program is to prepare individuals for various areas of responsibility in the field of library and information science and to contribute to the upgrading of librarianship as a profession in the India.

  • Second class (45%)Bachelor’s degree followed by Second Class Degree or Diploma in Library & Information Science from a recognized University.

  • One Year after B.L.I.Sc.

Emergence of Information Communication Technology in the LIS World
Emergence of Information Communication Technology in the LIS World on 24th March 2018 by Dr. P.K. Tripathy, RIE, Bhopal.


Career Prospect of Library Science Courses and Future of LIS World
Career Prospect of Library Science Courses and Future of LIS World on 24th March 2018 by Dr. P.K. Tripathy, RIE Bhopal.


Educational Tour to Delhi University
“Libraries lead the way to digital citizenship. They should be the first place where most advanced technologies are implemented.” An Educational Tour to Delhi University, AIIMS and National Medical Library, New Delhi was organized in the academic session 2018-2019 from 09th April to 11th April, 2019, for the students of B.L.I.Sc and M.L.I.Sc., by the Department of Library & Information Science, Career College, Bhopal (M.P.). The tour was organized under the course curriculum of the university. The purpose of the tour is to orient the B. L. I.Sc. and M.L.I.Sc students with the work culture of various libraries in New Delhi. The students visited the Delhi University (DU), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and National Medical Library (NML).Students visited various sections of libraries like Data Base, IT, Circulation, Reference, OPAC Kiosk, RFID Technology, Mobile App, Digital Processing, Bound Volume and In House Archives and many more. This tour gave the opportunity for the students to know about the latest tools and techniques used in library especially in the field of IT and cloud computing. This tour was very beneficial for the students.


Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER)
The students and faculty of Dept. of Library and Information Science, Career College visited, “Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER) Resource Learning Centre”, Bhopal on 6th March 2019. Students got an opportunity to understand the basics of Library Science and Library. Students visited various sections of library such as circulation, reference, acquisition, periodical, information technology, depository, stack, these and dissertation, e-library. Students gained insight into new skills of library, which was a very good and live experience for them. This visit gave an opportunity to the students to know about the latest tools and techniques used in library, especially in the field of IT. It was a very enriching experience and fruitful visit for the students.


Library Day & Instructional Social Responsibilities
The Dept celebrated Dr. Ranganthan Birthday as a Library Day. On this occasion , students distributed Educational Kits and Chocolates to children of slum area. 1) Birthday Celebration of Dr. S.R. Ranganthan on 12th August, 2018. 2) Diwali Celebration with NGO. 3) A Health Checkup Camp in Government School.


Achievements & Awards

Departmental students get 70% job placement on different libraries of Bhopal, M.P. as well other part of India.

  • Departmental result
Every Year Cash Prize awarded to college topper

Short Term Certificate course on open Sources library Software’s